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Marino A Marrero B

Expert AML, KYT/KYC, fintech, proptech, Data-driven Technologist, Entrepreneur and Senior Business Executive, passionate about the intersection of enterprise, technology, SaaS, big data, sales, and disruptive startups.

Marino A. Marrero B., CEO of Mercantil Financial Group, a company with a presence in the United States, the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, an international consultant for the multinational Foster Swiss SA, with a presence in more than 40 countries, a member of Keller William (proptech), and a partner of The law firm Marrero Ricart & Asociados, Co-Founder of AlfredPay, currently leads several ventures in the area of technology and B2B and B2C electronic commerce, providing portfolio collection solutions, invoices and online payments, lover of the movement Fintech in the Dominican Republic, faithfully betting on bankarization since 1997, which is when he began his experience in the microfinance market, training as a Credit Advisor in the first program sponsored by the PASP Private Sector Assistance Project (PASP), Fondomicro and Adopem, creating microcredit and SME portfolios from scratch in different NGOs and financial institutions, sought beyond the limits of the industry of financial services with downscaling strategies, being one of the pioneers in testing the use of new technologies to improve efficiency in operations, and streamline and standardize procedures, the use of the Palm OS (Palm Pilot) operating system at the end of the 90s, aroused the desire to embrace the constant development of innovations for credit analysis and data management, in addition to the development of Arbitrage, a tool that seeks to manage the development of risk matrices (AML) LD / FT, all with an EBR risk-based approach in the compliance function, other ventures such as imercantil, inmobilia app,, and is co-founder of alfred pay. His career has focused on innovation and the fight for bankarization in the Dominican Republic.

My experience & years of education

2000 - 2005
Magna Cum Laude
2015 - 2019
Maestría Derecho Internacional
Universidad UTE
Professional Experience
2012 - 2017
Microsoft Inc.
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